Self-Raising Tower Crane QTZ100(TC6013)

Self-Raising Tower Crane QTZ100(TC6013)

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Products Information

Self-Raising Tower Crane TC6013, which is a new-style elevating machinery specially designed for the construction of tall buildings and equipment installation, is a type of self-raising multi-purpose tower crane equipped with level arm support, and it allows trolley derricking and upper slewing. its jib length is 60m, with lifting load of 1300kg in 60m jib length,with maximum lifting load of 8000kg and rated load moment of 1000kN·m.
Self-Raising Tower Crane QTZ100 ( TC6013 ) Diagram
The Company reserves its rights to update or improve the product. Some structures or parameters of the product.the user purchased might not conform to this operating instruction manual. If any, please contact the Company.
Self-Raising Tower Crane QTZ100 ( TC6013 ) Load Characteristics

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